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Debunking the Myths of the NIH’s $1.5 Million ‘Lesbians Are Fat’ Study

As indicated by the venture lead at Harvard — and additionally the review itself and the government financing in that — the moderate exaggeration disregards gay men… what’s more, there are other sequester-important reviews that may be more justified regardless of the monstrosity out.


Preservationist news destinations from the colossal Drudge and past have uncovered their most unflattering Rosie O’Donnell photographs today to vent around a progressing concentrate supported by the National Institutes of Health’s that is looking at the “transaction of sex and sexual introduction in corpulence inconsistencies.” Or, as moderate news locales, like to call it: “Why Lesbians Are Fat.” Trouble is, as indicated by the venture lead at Harvard — and the review itself and the government financing in that — this exaggeration overlooks gay men… what’s more, there are other sequester-significant reviews that may be more worth getting worked about nowadays.


Also, here’s the story getting the Drudge love today, over at CNS News


The shock — and the unflattering O’Donnell pictures, obviously — originate from this two-year-old review, for which research is right now supported yet which is planned to proceed into 2016, entitled “Sexual Orientation and Obesity: Test of a Gendered Biophysical Model.” — a venture headed up by S. Bryn Austin, a partner teacher at Harvard’s School of Public Health, and financed by awards from the NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Big name photographs and exciting features aside, we should get three things straight: a) They could’ve utilized a Kennedy reference; b) the financing and the attention on gay subjects is for the most part right; and c) there’s a great deal of weight research going ahead out there, and it has nothing to do with the moderate’s other minimum most loved wellbeing story of the week, the New York pop boycott.

The review, as indicated by its conceptual, is in reality analyzing the association amongst heftiness and sexual introduction. However, there’s more here than the automatic (and not exceptionally unpretentious) lesbian fat joke. It’s imperative to recall that almost 50% of straight ladies are fat, as well, and that the review is likewise making sense of why straight men are more frequently overweight than gay men:

It is currently settled that ladies of minority sexual introduction are lopsidedly influenced by the heftiness pandemic, with about seventy five percent of grown-up lesbians overweight or fat, contrasted with half of hetero ladies. A conspicuous difference, among men, hetero guys have almost twofold the danger of stoutness contrasted with gay guys. In spite of clear proof from unmistakable epidemiologic research that sexual introduction and sex notably design weight variations, there is no planned, explanatory epidemiologic research into the reasons for these differences.

All of which is to state, these features would have been exact as the converse: “Obama organization burns through $1.5 million to make sense of why straight men are fat.” Or: “Obama organization burns through $1.5 million to make sense of why gay men have shaking bodies.” Or maybe: “America is overweight (with the exception of gay men?) and researchers are attempting to decide why.”

Austin, the Harvard-based venture pioneer for the NIH-financed examine, wrote in an announcement to The Atlantic Wire:

The weight plague is a noteworthy general medical issue for our nation, and no groups are resistant. To stop the pandemic, we have to comprehend what every one of the causes are, and the causes and answers for stoutness are likely extraordinary for various parts of our general public. Lesbian and cross-sexual young ladies and ladies make up just about 5 million Americans. Regarding sexual introduction and weight, lesbians and swinger young ladies and ladies – alongside hetero men – appear to be the hardest hit. Why would that be? We don’t have the foggiest idea, however our review is intended to discover so we can concoct better approaches to battle the plague for these groups.

Which takes us back to that $1.5 million in all out subsidizing. That is valid! In the course of recent years, the venture has been gotten $1,520,000, in two sections:


Obviously, what with all the discussion of financial duty as President Obama and Congress keep on working out a spending arrangement, the certain point being made by the moderate media is that a review so clearly inconsequential speaks to more inefficient spending on the sciences. Presently, we’re not by any stretch of the imagination if the review’s exploration on lesbians is getting the greater part of that financing — Austin didn’t have specifics on how that $1.5 million is being subdivided — yet before you go directing fingers, consider that the $741,378 conceded toward the review in 2012 is .08 percent of the assessed $829 million the NIH spent on heftiness inquire about in 2012. In case will get frantic at that small part of that gigantic spending plan, you could likewise get irate at the way that, in 2011, the Obama organization OK’d around $10,000 more than that on Pediatric Primary Care Based Obesity Prevention Obesity, which makes sense of how specialists’ telephone calls can help kids remain solid:

The present application means to test the viability of brief pediatrician directing with telephone training follow up on rate of weight pick up in kids. The examination reaches out earlier work by this group on adherence, parent-tyke collaboration, and supplier and phone based frameworks for treating weight in the pediatric essential

Yes, $750,000 on the investigation of telephone calls. You can investigate how much the NIH spent on heftiness look into in 2011 here. So, it’s hazy whether Austin’s review on stoutness and sexual introduction will keep on getting financing later on. “The NIH is as of now evaluating the effect on subsidizing because of sequestration,” Robert Bock, Press Officer for the NICHD said in an announcement grabbed by CNS News. “It is impractical to state how this (or some other NIH give) will be influenced in the long haul past the 90 percent subsidizing levels as of now set up.” It’d be difficult to tell who might be more vexed if the financing were cut: the general population truly keen on making sense of the associations, or the rascals searching for a fat joke to Obama’s detriment.

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